Apple Ipad Mini

Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios

Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios

Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios   Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios
Add this shop to my favorites. Apple ipad mini 4 - wi-fi - 128gb - silver. Ipad mini 4 a little in the big leagues. The new ipad mini 4 has it under the hood and is not afraid to show it. Thinner and lighter than before, it still gives you all the power you need to go after each of your ideas.

Lipad mini 4 is all you love about lipad under an incredibly clean and manageable design. Wherever you are, watch your favorite shows, call your friends via facetime, or get ahead in your work. Lipad mini 4 integrates an a8 chip with 64-bit second generation architecture. Worthy of a desktop computer, it is able to handle your most demanding apps. Edit videos, browse photos, or both at once.

The camera isight of lipad mini 4 has state-of-the-art optics, an improved sensor and a powerful image signal processor developed by apple. It also has great features such as pan, fast, slow, fast, and self-timer modes. The facetime hd front camera has been redesigned as well. With its improved sensor and larger pixels, it offers better performance in low light conditions. Your photos, movies, video calls and selfies are just more spectacular.

As safe as your fingerprint is unique. Lipad mini 4 uses touch id technology to turn your fingerprint into a tamper-proof password. You can unlock your device with a single touch, but also protect your personal data, even if you share your ipad with someone else. Touch id also allows you to make secure purchases on litunes store, libooks store and lapp store. Lipad mini supports fast wiafi and cellular networks, allowing you to download content, browse the web and share documents from virtually anywhere.

When you are out of range of a wiâfi network, the wiāfi + cellular model will connect you to local mobile networks. And with the apple sim card, you can choose a cellular data plan in more than 90 countries and territories.

A better experience with each touch. Lipad mini 4 runs on iOS 9: the most intuitive, advanced and secure mobile operating system in the world. And if ios 9 seems tailor made for lipad, it's all but a coincidence. With its improved apps and new features like slide over, split view and picture in picture, it makes productivity rhyme with simplicity.

Whether you want to check your posts by answering emails or creating a presentation while watching a game, ios 9 will let you run lipad like never before. Lipad mini 4 incorporates great apps to reinvent everything you do every day: surf the internet, check your emails, edit videos, edit photos, write reports or read books. And lapp store offers even more great apps, specially designed for the lipad retina display (not expanded iPhone apps). Whether you like games, photography, travel or, more prosaically, managing your budget, you'll always find the right one. A new wardrobe just for mini lipad 4.

The smart cover and the silicone case for ipad mini 4 protect your device in any situation. Complementary, the smart cover attaches to the front of the device while the silicone shell attaches to the back. Together, they offer protection available in ten pretty colors.

Data sheet: apple ipad mini touch tablet 4 - wi-fi - 128 GB - silver. Apple ipad mini 4 128gb silver. 20.1 cm (7.9). Ieee 802.11a, ieee 802.11g, ieee 802.11ac, ieee 802.11b, ieee 802.11n. Maximum rate of data transfer via the wireless LAN.

Headphone / microphone combo port. High definition mobile interface (mhl, mobile high-definition link). Aac, aax, aax +, aiff, he-aac, m4a, mp3, wav.

Doc, docx, htm, html, ics, key, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, vcf, xls, xlsx. Support for the windows operating system. Facetime safari siri itunes store ibooks app store game center photo booth. 0 - 35 ° C.

20 - 45 ° c. Apple ipad mini 4 silver 7.9''wifi 128go touch tablet - ios. Apple ipad mini 4 - wi-fi - 128gb - silver touch tablet. Tablet size: 7.9 inches. Wireless connectivity: wifi - bluetooth 4.2.

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Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios   Apple Ipad Mini 4 Silver 7.9 '' Wifi 128gb Tablet Touch Ios