Apple Ipad Mini

Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition

Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition
Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition

Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition    Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition

Sale of my ipad mini 3 gray, 64go, wifi, excellent condition, functional, formatted before sending. Like new, without its original box, with a charger and a cable. Lipad mini has been thought to be small. But that's not all. Now, with touch id, ios 8, there is even more reason to love mini lipad.

Lipad mini 3 is rather great. More than one point of view.

It is equipped with a. Spectacular retina screen of 7.9 inches, dune. A7 chip extraordinarily powerful, of. When you have it in hand, you will feel that nothing has changed. But when you see it in action, you will see that everything has changed. He took on a new dimension. Lipad mini has been thought of as a concentrate, not a reduction, of lipad. But take it in hand, and you'll see that it's all one big. In addition to the screen retina, it has a power and phenomenal capabilities. Still, it remains mini in size. And this, because it is designed with components to be as thin and light as possible. It has everything from ipad, but mini. Superb retina screen of 7.9 inches.

The difference is clear and clear. Lipad mini is a little wonder. You will not believe neither your hands nor your eyes.

Each image is incredibly detailed and vibrant. Each line of text is remarkably clear and precise. With a resolution higher than that of a HDTV, it is a feast for the eyes. 3 million pixels on 7.9 inches is a lot. Put your finger on a unique security system. Lipad mini 3 is equipped with.

It gives you a new level of security, because it uses the most perfect password: your fingerprint. You can unlock your ipad mini with your fingertip. But touch id knows how to do even more. For example, you can buy safely on litunes store, libooks store and lapp store. Your fingerprint is the perfect password.

You always wash on yourself. And nobody can ever guess it. And thanks to the new dios 8, your fingerprint allows you to access more features quickly.

It unlocks in less than two. With touch id, unlock your ipad by putting your finger on the main button. Touch id is capable of 360 degree reading. Whatever the orientation of your ipad, it is able to identify you. Surrounded by a stainless steel circle. The main button of mini lipad 3 is designed in sapphire crystal. When you touch the button, the metal ring senses your finger, and the crystal directs the image of your fingerprint to a sensor. The software then analyzes the peaks of your fingerprint before confirming a match. All in a fraction of a second.

It stays between you and your ipad. Your safety and your serenity are paramount. That's why at the heart of the a7 chip we have designed a state-of-the-art security architecture to ensure the absolute confidentiality of your personal data.

Your access code and fingerprint data never leave your ipad. They are not saved on icloud, nor shared with Apple or third parties. With your fingerprint, you can also validate your purchases on litunes store, libooks store and lapp store. No more need to enter your password or payment information without stopping. Do not be fooled by its small size. Lipad mini 3 integrates the. A7 chip, which is based on a 64-bit architecture worthy of a desktop. It displays exceptional performance, without compromising the autonomy. You get incredible performance in a device that you can carry everywhere. This gives you exceptional processor speeds and graphics performance.

And always up to 10 hours of autonomy. To study, play and create absolutely anything you want. The a7 chip is more powerful. With a battery life of up to 10 hours, you'll enjoy mini lipad performance everywhere. Lipad mini 3 is for mobility.

This explains the interest of the m7 coprocessor. It measures the movement of your ipad mini by collecting data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Your apps can offer you an enhanced experience based on the movement of your ipad mini. This is a task that would normally fall on chip a7.

But the m7 coprocessor performs more efficiently and thus saves energy. Facetime HD camera and isight camera. That will give you a smile. Want to shoot videos and take pictures with incredible sharpness, precision and brilliance?

Best of all, you'll get that same amazing picture quality when you make your video calls. Lipad mini 3 lets you stay connected at even faster speeds and in more places than ever before. Two antennas and mimo technology give lipad mini exceptional wifi performance. Lipad mini 3 has powerful apps that make it easier for you to surf, check emails, edit your videos and photos, write reports or read books.

And you'll find on the app store hundreds of thousands of apps, all designed specifically for the big screen retina (rather than extended versions of phone apps). Photo, travel, games, finance you will always find an app to do even better what you want to do. Ios 8 and ipad mini 3. Ios 8 is the most advanced mobile operating system yet. Its features make lipad mini 3 even more indispensable. Continuity allows you to start a project on one device and finish on another.

Family Sharing lets six people in your family share movies, books, music, and apps. And with icloud drive, store any type of document and access it from all your devices. Each dios 8 feature is designed to work naturally with lipad mini, making full use of the powerful a7 chip, ultra-fast wifi and the beautiful retina display.

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  1. storage capacity: 64 GB
  2. screen size: 9.7 "
  3. RAM memory: 3 GB
  4. color: gray
  5. internet connectivity: wi-fi
  6. template: apple ipad mini 3
  7. brand: apple

Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition    Apple Ipad Mini 3, Wifi, 64gb, Gray, Retina, 7.9 Inch, Excellent Condition